The 2020-2021 school year will start on Wednesday, August 19th with both in person and at home learning options. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is in place this year; please make sure your students bring a charged device to use for learning to school each day.

Boyd Independent School District

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District of Innovation

Committee Members
Name Role Name Role
Angelia Hopkins Intermediate Teacher Lauren Luig Intermediate Teacher
Anke Bracey Elementary Principal Mandy Bourgeois Middle School Teacher
Barbara Stice  Asst. Sup. Mandy Hays Parent
Candice Reasoner Counselor Mario Rondon High School Teacher
Chris Nason High school teacher Michelle Hinkle Parent
Daniel Bourgeois High school Asst. Principal Michelle Reed  Parent 
Dusty Lamance Parent Nicole Miles Intermediate Teacher
Ester Wissman Intermediate Teacher Nina Coody Intermediate Principal
Greg Arrington Community Member   Rebecca Parr Board Member
J.D. Allen Parent Sheryll Estes Intermediate Teacher
James McDonald Middle School Principal Stephanie Lambert Elementary Teacher
Karen Vanover Middle School Teacher Susan Foster High School Principal
Kelsey Clifton Middle School Teacher Ted West Superintendent
Krista Barber Community Member / Parent Wendy Bionolillo Parent
Krystal Duncan Elementary Teacher  
Committee Meetings
Stop Bullying